Frequently asked questions


  • If your student has never taken standardized testing, we recommend having them practice bubbling a sample College Board provided answer sheet. Click here for a sample.
  • The College Board offers free SAT practice tools available here.
  • Students have access to free, personalized, and focused practice resources through the College Board's collaboration with Khan Academy. Practice materials for the SAT exam are available at the Khan Academy website.
  • We start shipping the PSAT Student Guide in September. We continue shipping them until a week before testing. After that, new registrants must pickup their Student Guide during business hours if they wish to receive it.


  • Students MUST have a valid PICTURE ID to be allowed in the testing room.
  • A Government issued ID will be accepted.
  • Valid school or college ID: If the student is participating in extracurricular activities at a public/private school or taking classes at a community college, a valid school ID will also work.
  • Homeschool ID's are NOT accepted as per the College Board.
  • If you are not able to obtain a valid school ID or a Government Issued ID, you have the option to use the College Board Student ID Form which must be notarized in advance.


  • Complete your practice test and have your parents check it with you.
  • Don't forget to bring with you an approved form of ID!
  • Know your cumulative high school average (all subjects together) A+ (97-100); A (93-96); A- (90-92); B+ (87-89); B (83-86); B- (80-82); C+ (77-79); C (73-76); C- (70-72); D+ (67-69); D (65-66); F (below 65).
  • Bring a College Board approved calculator. Calculators may not be shared. Calculators which have a typewriter-like keyboard, uses paper tape, uses a pen or stylus input device, makes noise or uses a power cord are prohibited. Covenant does not provide calculators. Students will NOT be allowed to use phones or tablets as calculators.
  • Bring at least two # 2 pencils. Do not bring mechanical pencils or any other type of pencils as they may affect the computerized scoring of your test. CHSRC may have some pencils available but it is the responsibility of the student to bring the correct type of pencil.
  • Do not bring scratch paper with you as all work is done in your test book.
  • Students who do not wish to provide their Social Security number do not need to do so. The "box" asking for the SS# may be left blank. Students who are comfortable entering this information will need to have their SS# memorized.
  • Students will need to know their date of birth.
  • Students will need to know their complete address. Scores are mailed to the address entered on the score sheet
  • Students will need to know their email address. Scores are emailed to the email address entered on the score sheet.
  • Get a good night's rest, eat a healthy breakfast. Only if needed pack a small healthy snack. Please do not bring any peanut or tree nut products for your snack. Only water will be allowed in the testing area (no other type of drinks will be allowed.)
  • Arrive early. Students who arrive late will not be admitted.
  • No electronics will be allowed in the testing area. All electronics including Kindles, smart watches, along with purses, bags, etc. will be collected before testing, stored in a common area, and given back to the students after testing. Students are advised not to bring purses or bags into the test room unless absolutely necessary.
  • The College Board has instructed us to dismiss from testing any student that has access to any electronic device during testing. If a phone rings during the test, the student who owns the phone will be dismissed immediately.


  • Students and parents will have access to the PSAT Scores online only when an account is created at collegeboard.org
  • Scores should be available online by mid-December. The College Board will send an e-mail informing you how to access your scores via your College Board Account. A few weeks later the scores will be mailed directly from the College Board to the address the student enters on the PSAT testing form.
  • If you are not able to access your scores online when they become available, you will need to contact the College Board directly for assistance. Please visit collegeboard.org for more information. As of December 2020, this is the PSAT help line for parents and students: 866-433-7728 or e-mail psathelp@info.collegeboard.org
  • CHSRC does not have access to the scores or their availability in any manner.
  • STUDENTS: when creating your College Board account, your name and personal information including an e-mail address will need to be exactly the same as you write and bubble on your testing form in order to have online access to your PSAT score. For example, if your name on the College Board account is John you must use John, and not Jonathan, when filling in your testing form. If you use different information, you may need to contact the College Board in order to fix the discrepancy before you will be able to access the results online.
  • CHSRC offers the PSAT test on available Saturday test date. Students testing on a Saturday WILL NOT receive their testing book after scores become available.