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Fire Pits

Find Fire Pits and Customized Auto Parts at Special Ops Motorsports

Whether you love to go boondocking or you want to be able to have a campfire anywhere you roam, high-quality fire pits can make your experience in the great outdoors a whole lot more convenient. Have you ever found the perfect camping spot only to realize that starting a campfire was not an option? Sometimes the ground is covered in brush, and other times it's against the rules to dig fire pits.

You might even wish you had a fire pit for your backyard that you could pack up and store every year when the weather gets wetter. Well, you're in luck because, at Special Ops Motorsports, we manufacture equipment for off-road vehicles. And we even make fire pits.

Our fire pits are durable USA 1/8 inch cold rolled steel. But these fire pits are even better because they're not only strong and durable, but you can also easily transport and store them. In fact, you can assemble and collapse them in less than a minute. And they measure a meer two feet by two feet when you collapse them for storage.

At Special Ops Motorsports, we offer everything you need for your off-road and racing vehicles. You'll find a wide selection of high-quality performance parts, from differentials to gears and products to keep your ride running smoothly. We're passionate about off-road adventure and sell most manufacturers for the truck and jeep community. And we also custom fabricate a full line of off road supplies and products, including fire pits, to ensure you have fun and exciting outdoor adventures.

Do you love to go off-road? Maybe you've realized that camping and adventuring in the backcountry is a lot more exciting than setting up in a campground surrounded by other campers. Whether you're working on a rebuild that will turn your Chevy truck into a monster that can tear up the terrain, or you want to go on a four-wheeling adventure where there won't be any fire pits waiting— Special Ops Motorsports has you covered.

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