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LS Engine Covers

Special Ops Motorsports: Luxury Sport Engine Covers and Accessories

Engine covers can be more than functional. They can also exude personal style. Are you looking to swap out that ugly engine cover from the original equipment manufacturer? Updating OCM engine covers to custom LS engine covers is just one way we can help you personalize your jeep or truck at Special Ops Motorsports.

Engine covers aren't something average auto owners think about, but you're not that guy. You're an adrenaline junkie, like us, who makes memories on the go. Special Ops Motorsports understands what your vehicle means to you. It's your ticket to freedom.

If you're looking for LS engine covers for your jeep or truck, look no further. We're passionate about v8 swaps and jeeps and sell most manufacturers for the truck and jeep community. We also custom fabricate a full line of parts built in house to complete your build, including plasma cut LS engine covers for an off-road, luxury sports engine cover swap.

For example, check out our Gen 3 that fits all 1999 through 2007 truck intakes or the Gen 4 LS engine covers that fit a 2007 or newer model truck, Tahoe, or Suburban. Special Ops Motorsports is a small fab shop located in Northern Michigan. We're here to help you build your dream ride and make some life-long memories.

Are you searching for the best place to find plasma cut products for offroad and LS swaps? Then take a look at our line of products and custom fabrication possibilities at Special Ops Motorsports. We share your passion for your vehicle and your love for the road.

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